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2015 Favorite Show

“You're My Hero!”

Who’s your hero? Can I be one, too? What’s it take to be a hero? These questions & more are answered through this creative, funny, music program for children of all ages. It’s packed with story-songs about unlikely heroes and the teachers and librarians who help us discover them!

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Cole the Stinky Dog


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Music with Margie is all about...

Early Childhood Music and Movement consultant and family performer, Margie Warner, has a unique understanding of what makes kids tick. Libraries, schools, daycares and family resource centers have been enthusiastically recommending her interactive programming for kids from 1 to 100!

“At heart, I will always think of myself as a preschool teacher, even though my career has expanded into so much more.” 

In addition to ‘stand alone’ performances, and staying true to her teaching roots, Margie offers residencies during the school year as “Music With Margie ™ “, a joy-based music and movement preschool curriculum focused on the simple truth that children learn and retain knowledge through PLAY! By teaching in a multi-sensory fashion, using music, rhythm, and rhyme, children gain the skills they need for kindergarten in a setting of relaxation and fun!

She is now a Children’s Songwriter, Recording Artist, Storyteller for young and old, Producer, Consultant, and proud member of both the Connecticut Storytelling Center and ASCAP, for both writing and producing.